Who Is Medicare Supplement Plan Meant For And Why Is It So?

Health is a subjective matter which is contingent in nature. No one can be sure of being healthy all the time and might face trouble any time sooner with any kind of disease to take place with an individual. For this purpose, people all over the world take help from the various insurance companies and agents to make plans and secure their future regarding all kinds of medical benefits.

How is it different?

Medical health insurance plans are however different from Medicare supplement plans. How is it so? Well, to explain in short, most of the insurance companies which provide medical insurance covers provide all kinds of major treatment policies which in the case of any major operations or treatments, the amount is reimbursed. But, in the case of supplement health insurances, even the minor medical expenses are covered.

Initially, all medical insurance companies provide people with normal health insurance plans which does not cover the minor expenses, the excess insurance policy can, however, be taken and implemented only if the insured wants to take hold of such policy makings.

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The supplemental health plan provides and covers expenses which are generally recurring in nature and covers for in order to provide a stable financial status and stability in the life of such policyholder. For example, cancer, accidents, hospital expenses, Medigap etcetera. Medicare supplement plans provide and supplement for all kinds of long-term as well as short-term expenses required.

For example, if you just had a surgery and you require medicines which might bring down your financial stability at that point of time, the Medicare supplement plans have got you covered from all the different angles which makes it one of the most useful policies from among the rest health insurances.

Eligibility for Medicare supplement plans

Who is eligible for choosing such kind of play is a very important and crucial question often asked. Well, in order to attain Medicare supplement plans for the long run, it depends upon the person who is opting one. To secure the future regarding both huge and small medical expenses and also how much one is willing to invest in securing the health of the individual or the family of the same.

Why do you need one?

For a person who is thinking that his or her son or daughter might be needing braces I the future, he or she can opt for a Medicare supplement plan and invest the amount of money now so that when the child really gets braces then, he or she is covered by the insurance companies. However, in order to get a Medicare supplement plan, it is mandatory to have a health insurance first from any leading insurance company in the market.

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The last good snack you could eat is a protein bar. Lots of protein bars contain a lot of sugar so look for brands that don’t have a lot of sugar and contain a lot of protein. If you are going to eat a snack make sure it is something that is good for you and that you are actually hungry.

What is the Guaranteed issue Rights in the Medicare Advantage Plans?

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The word guarantee means the trust and surety of something for a particular time. The guaranteed issue rights are the surety terms of Medicare advantage plans that can protect you from underwriting in the insurance field. Your health condition history is checked by the insurance companies for determining your cost levels.

It will help the insurance organizations for deciding if their plan covers your costs or not and also the decision of charges used on your overall coverage. This is the process named as medical underwriting. The two ways of avoiding the underwriting situation are as following:

  • Try to enroll in the plan when you are of age 65 or more an already enrolled into the Medicare part B. This enrolment should be done during the Medicare advantage open enrolment period. This period is almost of 6th months and started with your age 65.
  • The second way is by having the guaranteed issue rights or when you lose the health insurance because of any situation that is out of your control.

Time for Enrollment:

The perfect time for acquiring the guaranteed issue rights in the Medicare advantages plans is when your open enrolment period of Medicare advantage period is running. Once the period has been passed there is no chance of it repetition and you just lost the chance of grabbing the plan. Although the perfect time is only the enrollment period because it will provide you with the legal authorities on any Medigap plan that you get from any insurance company in your nearby service area.

After the close of this period, you are unable to get the benefits of guarantee. When you are not aware or sure about the plan qualification situation you are completely unaware of the costs an also have no guarantee. You can also get the guaranteed issue rights when your insurance organization is bankrupted.

But this is not the only time for your enrolment for accessing the guaranteed issue wrights in your Medicare advantage plan. You can also get the guaranteed issue rights when your insurance organization is bankrupted.


So the guaranteed issue rights are the protection of your Medicare advantage plan offered by any insurance company. It is for ensuring the benefits of the plans and delivers you with the guarantee of services covered under the selected plan. You may be sure that you are in protected hands when you have the Medicare advantage plan with guaranteed issue rights. So stay sure and stay safe.


Main Factors that affect the Cost of Medicare Supplement Plan

The cost of your Medicare supplement plan can also be affected by some factors in the insurance industry.  The factors will affect it when you are enrolled in any Medicare supplement plan with the guaranteed issue rights and benefits. Here we describe the various factors that affect the Costs of Medicare supplement plan that you buy for covering the costs of your Medicare services.

Gender of the Buyer:

This is the first factor that has a great impact while determining the premium costs of your Medicare supplement plan. The insurance companies provide a discount to married couples and the ladies.

medicare supplement plan 2019

Habits of the Buyer:

This is the point that is checked by the insurance company while determining your premium cost. The habits of the buyer will impact the costs of its plan’s premium for example if you do not smoke the insurance company will offer you the discount because of your non-smoking habit.

Payment Method:

There are two types of payment method that you can use for paying your Medicare supplement plan premium. The first method is paying the premium monthly and the second way is paying the premium costs yearly. The insurance company has a discount offer for the people that use the yearly payment methods. The discount is also allotted to the plan holders that users the electronic fund transfer method for paying their insurance premiums.

Selected plan:

The plan you select can also affect the premium cost. If you are using the plan F that has high deductibles then you may get lower premium cost for the plan F. But in this way, you have to pay the deductibles by yourself before the beginning of the plan.

Plan with Restricted Network:

When you are using a plan in which your doctor visit is limited to a particular area of the plan then the insurance company allot the low premiums for your Medicare supplement plan. But the benefits of the plan are only available in the restricted network.

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So the above are the listed factors that can affect the determined costs of your Medicare supplement plan premium. But always remember one thing that the costs or the discount offered by insurance companies can be different in various states or countries according to their Medicare rules. You can get a professional Medicare expert’s advice for making a wise choice during the selection of your required supplement plan.



Meaning and coverage of Medicare supplement plan B

The Medicare supplement plans are made for our health care insurance. These plans are helpful in the critical financial situations when we have to pay the initial Medicare costs and we are not able to pay that. These plans are also called the Medigap insurance plans may help you to cover your out of pocket costs that are normally not covered by the original Medicare part A and the part B.

These costs include the various deductibles, co-insurance costs, and the co-payments. In this article we let you know about the Medicare supplement plan B. This plan is one of the ten standardized plans of Medicare supplement insurance that are used by the clients. The Medigap plan B and the Medicare part B are quite different from each other and don’t get confused with their same names.

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The Medicare supplement plan B includes the co-payments and co-insurance of Medicare part B and also cover the costs spend on purchasing the first 3 pints of blood used in your treatment. It is also used to cover the deductibles, hospital charges, hospice care co-payments and co-insurance costs of Medicare part A. The Medicare plan B will help you to cover your insurance costs for the additional one year even after the depletion of your adopted Medicare benefit plan.

What does Plan B not cover in its Coverage Area?

The Medicare supplement plan B will help you to pay most of the Medicare out of pocket payments for in-patient and out-patient treatment but it doesn’t cover the excess charges and the deductibles of Medicare part B. The charges for any foreign travel and for the skilled facilities of nursing care are also not covered by the Medicare plan B.

Costs of Medigap plan B:

The companies decide costs for every plan for setting its every month premium charges. The costs may be decided via three methods the attained age rated, issue age-rated, and the community rated. It may also check your gender, age, health status and location for setting your premium cost.


So the plan B considered as a wonderful plan for covering your basic Medicare services included in a Medicare part A and Medicare Part B. You can check and decide from the article if the plan B is good for you or not. May this context be helpful for you in your decision about the insurance plan B.


Why we need the Medicare Supplement Plan with Guaranteed issue rights?

Most of the companies offering Medicare advantage plans terminate their link with the client at any time. This link closure may lead to the termination of your current plan and it can be discontinued at any time without any assurance. As you know that the Medicare Advantage plan can be discontinued so you have to be prepared for the purchase of your next plan for covering your Medicare supplemental service costs.

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Leaving the Medicare Part C:

This is the first reason that leads you towards the guaranteed issue rights. When you move out from the part C of the Medicare Advantage plan then it will stop covering the primary benefits for your Medicare. Then you have to get a plan and this will be the guaranteed issue right plan with surety and protection of your service rights.

Detection of Fraud Health Plan:

When your Medicare firm or you, find any cause that proves that your existing plan is offered by a fraud insurance company then you are really afraid of the fraud in your next plan. For removing this issue always get the plan with guaranteed issue rights.

When your health plan provides you misguidance and lost its contract with the original Medicare rules than it will surely be fraud. If the plan is not completing your requirements according to the contract of insurance or breaking the obligations of the contract than it is fraud.

Medicare Trial Periods:

Under the guaranteed issue rights you have a right to choose your desired plan by passing through a trial period. If you are thinking to change your Medicare supplement plan then you can use this trial period of twelve months. It will help you to check whether the new plan is good or not. There may be a surety that if you don’t like the new plan then you can move back to your previously working plan easily without any restriction.


So because of these benefits, the guaranteed issue right becomes a primary requirement for the plan holder.  Every time you get a plan check if it is under the guaranteed issue rights for having most of the Medicare benefits with complete surety.



Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap), know the 8 important things

A Medigap or a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy is a policy cover that helps the insured in paying some health care costs such as coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. The Medigap policies are offered by the private companies.


The Medigap policies cover services or pay for the costs that the Traditional Medicare does not cover such as the Medical care as you travel away from the United States. In case you have Traditional Medicare and purchase a policy, do you know what exactly takes place:


Medicare will bear the payment for the Medicare-approved amount that is covered by health care costs. Then, the costs that stay as balance is paid by your Medigap policy.  However, remember that a Medigap policy is not the same as a Medicare Advantage plan. It is said so because they are Medicare benefits offered, while the Medigap policy is the one that supplements the benefits of your Traditional Medicare.  Thus you must know the details of Medicare supplement plans:

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  • You must possess Part A and Part B Medicare.
  • In case you hold a Medicare Advantage Plan, you may also apply for a Medigap policy. Yet, ascertain to quit the Medicare Advantage plan prior to beginning your Medigap policy.
  • Pay a monthly premium to the insurance company against your Medicare Supplement plans policy. Pay monthly premium inclusive to Part B monthly premium apart from the Medicare premium charges.
  • A Medigap policy is only for one person. Remember that for a couple, that is you and your spouse cannot have one Medigap. It means you must purchase separate policies.
  • Purchase Medicare supplement plans from a licensed or registered insurance company that is available in your state.
  • A Medigap standardized policy gets renewed or is always renewable if you keep paying the premiums without any delay. Regardless of your health problems, even in case you have one, the insurance company cannot make changes or cancel the Medigap policy as you have been paying the premium continuously.
  • The prescription drugs were covered in some Medigap policies earlier. But, now the Medigap policies sold from 2006 do not include coverage for prescription drugs. In case you need coverage for prescription drug, it means you must join Part D Medicare Prescription Drug plan.
  • A very important point is that in case you hold a Medicare Medical Savings Account, it will be considered illegal to sell a Medigap policy for anyone.

Enrollment of Medicare Advantage insurance plan and eligibility

Enrolling in a Medicare advantage plan is possible once you are eligible and as per eligibility means you must have Medicare Part A and B enrolled. Generally, a good enrolling time for Medicare Advantage plans is during the Open Enrollment period. This is the period that starts on the month first day as you age 65 or older and are Part B enrolled, lasting for a period of six months.

In the open enrolment period, there is a right offering a guaranteed issue to join Medicare advantage plans that is available in the place you love.  Find out more at https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/  The basic benefits may not be denied in the enrolment period if there are pre-existing conditions, but it may include a particular waiting period.


In case you miss the period of open enrolment and attempt enrolling later, basic benefits may be denied or you may be charged higher premium as per your medical records or history. However, in some states, you can get enrolled even before you attain the age 65 in Medicare advantage plans.


Generally, the pre-existing conditions refer to the health conditions existing even before the policy initiation. This may limit coverage, prevent from getting approved or may be excluded from the coverage. However, relevant limitations or coverage exclusions vary with each plan that checking official plan documents specifically helps in understanding how the pre-existing conditions in the plan is handled.


Medigap costs


The private insurance companies provide the basic benefits with each letter. They have the ability to charge varying premiums. You may shop for Medicare advantage plans to fit your financial and medical needs. The insurance companies normally follow the premiums price as per specified below:

  • Community no-age-rated: The premiums are charged for Medicare advantage plans that are the same, regardless of age across the board.
  • Issue-age-rated: This plan premium is based on the first enrolled age. Therefore, it is best to enroll as you are younger, so that the premium is lower.
  • Attained- age rated:  This is very much similar to the issue-age-rated. These plans base on the age their premiums such that it accounts the first policy bought into consideration and the premiums keep increasing with your increasing age.


Remember that the rating method of an insurance company is not a criterion to consider, the fact stays that over time premiums may increase apart from the age factor and it may be due to inflation as well.



What are the additional facts of Medicare Advantage plans?

Medicare advantage plans are Medigap policies and they do not cover the health supplies and services such as:

  • Hearing aids
  • Dental or vision routine care
  • Long-term care
  • Eyeglasses
  • Prescription drugs
  • Private-duty nursing


Now that you are aware of Medicare advantage plans, find one at https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org you may also be considering if these plans are suitable for you or not. It is best for people to figure this out and also to acquire information by scheduling an appointment with some licensed agent or a private registered company and get to know about plans.

medicare advantage plans 2019

You may also consider the compare plans and to take a look at any assistance available right away. The fact is that there are more than 10 standardized Medigap plans representing each letter A to N. There is a Plan F high-deductible and these plans are available in majority states such as Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin having an individual set of plans standardized.


The premiums and the coverage levels vary, though each plan enjoys different benefits within a lettered category. It remains the same regardless of the insurance location or company. For instance, the benefits of Plan A are the same in Oregon as they are in New Jersey. In case Medicare Advantage Plans comprise of certain benefit, it stays covered to 100%.


Medicare Advantage plans Additional facts

  • You must have Part A and B Medicare to avail a Medicare Advantage plan.
  • A Medicare advantage plan covers only one person and in case you are a married couple, it means you and your spouse is taken into account as 2 individuals. It means there is a need to buy separate policies.
  • Each Medigap policy is identified clearly as Medicare Advantage insurance.
  • Medicare Advantage plans can be generally used with any provider accepting Medicare. However, there are some Medigap type plans known as Medicare SELECT Plans so that it is used as per the provider networks hospitals and doctors.
  • Medicare advantage plans commonly are guaranteed to renew, provided you keep paying the said premium continuously.
  • Medicare advantage plans are mostly available everywhere, yet it is not that all the types of advantage plans are available in every state. Make it a point to check the plans availability in your state.
  • The premium costs vary by location and plan, even though the plans have standardized benefits as per each letter Medigap plan.