How can Medicare Advantage Plans help its members?

Those eligible to avail Medicare might be eager to check out Medicare Advantage Plans. It was previously called Medicare + Choice. It is regarded as Medicare’s private insurance option, providing participants with the choice to avail private insurance plan rather than Medicare itself. Traditional Medicare’s restrictions and for-fee services are known to be significant, specifically with regards to prescriptions, offering people with an option to get better insurance coverage. It comes with plenty of benefits combined with minimum out of pocket costs. Since the plan costs are determined by competition amongst providers, it is quite possible to come across an inexpensive plan which can cover individual needs. This plan can prove to be a wonderful alternative to Original Medicare.

Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans

Advantage plans are also called Medicare Part C. it allows the individual to register for PPO or HMO plan, MSA (Medical Savings Account) or FFS (Fee For Service), anything that fits the person’s needs. If coverage provided by Medicare is found to be adequate to meet specific needs, then the individual is not forced to make use of any private insurer.

Previously, this plan also had included the opportunity to avail better prescription coverage. However, with passage of Part D, Medicare prescription plan launched in the year 2006, the Medicare recipients are now required to register for private prescription plans, although they may not have registered for anything, but for basic Medicare.

If Medicare Advantage in 2019 are opted for, then most organizations offering such plans are found to offer prescription based Part D plans. Availing both is likely to be found beneficial, since there is involved minimal cost. But Medicare Advantage policies may be standardized, while prescription Part D plans might not. Hence, one should not register automatically for joint plan. Care should be taken to ensure that the prescription plan is to meet specific needs. No restrictions are present associated with buying a plan with a company, as well as another plan with another provider.

Things to do

In case, the person does not suffer from medical issues, and do not require visiting the physician besides the annual checkup or use rarely the medical services, then they should not take up Medicare Advantage Plans. But those having pre-existing condition are sure to get huge savings by reducing their out of pocket expenses in the long run. It is only pre-existing conditions and end-stage kidney disease that will prevent the person from enrolling, even though there will be required a special plan.