Different Types of Commonly Used Medicare Advantage Plans

Health is wealth and thus you cannot ignore your health. When you fall ill you must get treatment and the cost of treatment is normally high. Thus, people opt out for different Medicare plans that will pay off the cost of treatment.

Now, there are different plans that cover your medical expenses. The most common ones are the Original Medicare or the Medicare advantage plans. There is difference between the two. If you have original Medicare then when you get Medicare benefits the Government will pay for it. On the other hand in case of the Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 are offered by the private companies and it is approved by Medicare.

There are different kinds of MAP plans that can be opt by an individual. They are

Health maintenance Organization plans (HMO)

In HMO plans you have to visit any Doctor or other health care practitioner who are include in the plan’s network. However, in case of emergency or out of area urgent care or dialysis you can visit any specialist outside the network. In other situation you have to get referred by the primary care doctor for getting consultation or treatment from any other doctor or specialist.

Preferred Provider Organization plans (PPO)

PPO plan gives an option to you for getting treatment. They have their own network of doctors and clinics. If you visit these and get treated then you have to pay less as premium. On the other hand, if you wish to visit any Doctor or clinic outside the network you can do so by paying more. There is no need to choose nay primary care doctor in PPO plans.

Private Fee-for-Service plans (PFFS)

This plan is provide by private insurance and you can visit any doctor or health care provider provided that they agree with the terms and conditions of the plan. A PFFS plan has set rules and regulation about how much can you pay to the Doctors. It also has its own network of doctors but if you wish you can visit anyone else.

Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

The Special need plans are mainly focused on providing special healthcare. It may cover certain chronic medical condition or may be for those who visit certain hospitals. These plan is mostly for those who are both eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

Apart from the above mentioned plans that are mostly in use there are some other plans too. They are HMO Point of Service plans and Medical savings Account Plan.