Enrollment of Medicare Advantage insurance plan and eligibility

Enrolling in a Medicare advantage plan is possible once you are eligible and as per eligibility means you must have Medicare Part A and B enrolled. Generally, a good enrolling time for Medicare Advantage plans is during the Open Enrollment period. This is the period that starts on the month first day as you age 65 or older and are Part B enrolled, lasting for a period of six months.

In the open enrolment period, there is a right offering a guaranteed issue to join Medicare advantage plans that is available in the place you love.  Find out more at https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/  The basic benefits may not be denied in the enrolment period if there are pre-existing conditions, but it may include a particular waiting period.


In case you miss the period of open enrolment and attempt enrolling later, basic benefits may be denied or you may be charged higher premium as per your medical records or history. However, in some states, you can get enrolled even before you attain the age 65 in Medicare advantage plans.


Generally, the pre-existing conditions refer to the health conditions existing even before the policy initiation. This may limit coverage, prevent from getting approved or may be excluded from the coverage. However, relevant limitations or coverage exclusions vary with each plan that checking official plan documents specifically helps in understanding how the pre-existing conditions in the plan is handled.


Medigap costs


The private insurance companies provide the basic benefits with each letter. They have the ability to charge varying premiums. You may shop for Medicare advantage plans to fit your financial and medical needs. The insurance companies normally follow the premiums price as per specified below:

  • Community no-age-rated: The premiums are charged for Medicare advantage plans that are the same, regardless of age across the board.
  • Issue-age-rated: This plan premium is based on the first enrolled age. Therefore, it is best to enroll as you are younger, so that the premium is lower.
  • Attained- age rated:  This is very much similar to the issue-age-rated. These plans base on the age their premiums such that it accounts the first policy bought into consideration and the premiums keep increasing with your increasing age.


Remember that the rating method of an insurance company is not a criterion to consider, the fact stays that over time premiums may increase apart from the age factor and it may be due to inflation as well.