Enrollment of Medicare Advantage Plans, know the correct time

Each year there are specific times that allow you to get enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. However, to join in a plan, you should be enrolled in Parts A and B of Medicare. In fact, you can enroll typically in Medicare Advantage plans in these periods:


  • IEP: This refers to the Initial enrolment period. This offers duration of seven months time such that 3 months before and after your birthday month and inclusive of your birthday month, it becomes seven months. You become qualified for Medicare Advantage plans right from the 65th birth month.
  • SEP: This refers to Special enrolment period. This is the time beyond the normal period of enrolment in Part B. The SEP of Part B allows delay in enrolment without penalty and this is possible only if you were under the job based insurance cover while you were Medicare eligible. Even after losing the coverage of job-base, there is a time limit of eight months period for you to get Medicare enrolled without penalty. In fact, you may get enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plans, once you have signed for the coverage of Par A and B.
  • GEP: This refers to General enrolment period. Every year from January to March, you are allowed to sign if you failed to do when you were eligible. There is an option to sign even between April to June for Medicare Advantage plans on signing during the GEP for Parts A and B.
  • Fall Open period of enrolment: This is the time between October 15 to December 7 every year and this is also the right time you can switch over your Medicare coverage. There are all chances to consider a new MA plan or even switch between Medicare, Original and Advantage. This is also the time you can consider Part D coverage change.


Note: In case an individual has Renal disease at the end stage, joining an MA plan is possible if there are special needs accepting ESRD people. You may retain any enrolled plan that you bought before developing ESRD.


Choosing United Healthcare medicare supplement plans is best done with proper awareness of the plans. The cost options vary with Original Medicare and now each plan also comes with additional rules that planning carefully prior to enrolling really helps. The Part B Medicare premium in Medicare Advantage plans specifies to pay the premium and there may also be additional premiums charged and some times, your plan may be a part of the premium of Part B.