How Can Seniors Prepare Maple Syrup at Home?

How Can Seniors Prepare Maple Syrup at Home?


Today, it is very difficult to find really high-quality maple syrup on store shelves. The offline and online stores have lots of low-grade fakes with very high costs. However, it is very much possible to prepare the syrup by yourself.


The first step is to collect maple sap. This procedure is performed during the first two spring months when the weather is warm during the day, but it is still quite cool at night. It is under such weather conditions that maples are in their best condition.


To get the juice, it is necessary to make a hole in the maple, the diameter of which should be 15 mm, and a depth of about 5-6 cm. Then a thin tube is inserted into the hole, under which the juice receiver is placed.


The process of making maple syrup is as follows :

maple sap is 95% of plain water, so it takes a long time to evaporate it;

warm up the juice until syrup of thick consistency and rich caramel-amber color remains;

during evaporation it is not necessary to add anything to the juice;

store the finished syrup in the refrigerator;

maple syrup can be preserved – heated to 80 degrees and poured into sterilized jars, closed with lids.

If during storage, homemade maple syrup has candied, acquired an unpleasant scent or changed color, it is best not to eat it. Most likely, during the evaporation of the juice, the desired consistency was not obtained, and the product simply deteriorated.

What can replace maple syrup?

A rather difficult task will be to try to replace the maple syrup with some other product. Any replacement will lead to a change in taste. If there is no other choice, you can use liquid lime or acacia honey instead of maple syrup. Also, a great alternative would be liquid gooseberry jam or pears.

Maple syrup is of great benefit to the human body, but only if it is of high quality. To avoid counterfeiting, it is not worth buying a product at a very low cost or stock, because real maple syrup has a rather high price.

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