Meaning and coverage of Medicare supplement plan B

The Medicare supplement plans are made for our health care insurance. These plans are helpful in the critical financial situations when we have to pay the initial Medicare costs and we are not able to pay that. These plans are also called the Medigap insurance plans may help you to cover your out of pocket costs that are normally not covered by the original Medicare part A and the part B.

These costs include the various deductibles, co-insurance costs, and the co-payments. In this article we let you know about the Medicare supplement plan B. This plan is one of the ten standardized plans of Medicare supplement insurance that are used by the clients. The Medigap plan B and the Medicare part B are quite different from each other and don’t get confused with their same names.

What is covered by Plan B?   Find out at

The Medicare supplement plan B includes the co-payments and co-insurance of Medicare part B and also cover the costs spend on purchasing the first 3 pints of blood used in your treatment. It is also used to cover the deductibles, hospital charges, hospice care co-payments and co-insurance costs of Medicare part A. The Medicare plan B will help you to cover your insurance costs for the additional one year even after the depletion of your adopted Medicare benefit plan.

What does Plan B not cover in its Coverage Area?

The Medicare supplement plan B will help you to pay most of the Medicare out of pocket payments for in-patient and out-patient treatment but it doesn’t cover the excess charges and the deductibles of Medicare part B. The charges for any foreign travel and for the skilled facilities of nursing care are also not covered by the Medicare plan B.

Costs of Medigap plan B:

The companies decide costs for every plan for setting its every month premium charges. The costs may be decided via three methods the attained age rated, issue age-rated, and the community rated. It may also check your gender, age, health status and location for setting your premium cost.


So the plan B considered as a wonderful plan for covering your basic Medicare services included in a Medicare part A and Medicare Part B. You can check and decide from the article if the plan B is good for you or not. May this context be helpful for you in your decision about the insurance plan B.