Snack to Eat As A Senior

There are many different food options that we can choose from, as we all already know this we pretty much can’t go anywhere without seeing pictures of foods or ads of food or actual food. Food surrounds us and we pretty much live our life around food because if you think about it you are always looking to the next meal. Thinking about what you are going to eat for the next meal after you finish the one that you ate. That’s why it can be easy to make bad food options since there are so many different food options now and how we show food to the public. That is why it is so important to make good food options in your everyday. We naturally have found snacking to be a common everyday thing for us and we often actually do not need snacks if we are eating whole meals that fill our stomachs up. But in some cases you do need a snack after doing a lot of exercise or being on your feet so long in one day. So in those cases these are the snacks that you should reach for if you are hungry.

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Veggies and hummus is a really good light snack to reach for if you are feeling hungry. It is low in calories and it doesn’t have a lot of fat or sugar. The fat that does come from the food is the hummus but it is full of good fats not bad ones.

Another good snack is to reach for fruit, now fruit is full of a lot of sugar and isn’t something that you should be eating large portions of and something that you shouldn’t be eating all the time. But it is full of nutrients and is for sure something that you should put in your daily diet but in small portions and not all the time.

The last good snack you could eat is a protein bar. Lots of protein bars contain a lot of sugar so look for brands that don’t have a lot of sugar and contain a lot of protein. If you are going to eat a snack make sure it is something that is good for you and that you are actually hungry.